Notable Dynamics 365 User Interface Changes from Release Wave 2

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North American clients who haven’t already updated their environments can expect to be automatically updated to the October 2021 Release Wave 2 version during the weekend of October 22 – 24th.

As you’re likely aware, Microsoft releases Dynamics 365 upgrades twice a year: typically, in April and October. In addition to a suite of feature updates, this year’s October release wave includes a number of user interface updates.

One of the keys to a successful upgrade is a communication plan to end users about what changes they will see. With this in mind, we’ve put together an outline of some of the most notable user interface changes from this wave for your reference.

Dynamics 365 User Interface Changes

  • List views and sub-grids now include dividing lines between the white space and an underline beneath any hyperlinks. Note that editable grids appear the same.
  • Rather than having to hover over the white space to highlight a particular record in a view, there is now a circular symbol for the checkbox.
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  • There is a new column editor to add, remove, and re-order columns in a particular view. This allows you to quickly modify a view in line, including adding and removing columns from the record type you are on, or adding columns from records that are related to it. You can save this as a new personal view by clicking on the ellipsis, selecting save as a new view. Note that if you want to share this view, you will still need to open up the personal view from Advanced Find.
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  • The save button is no longer visible in the bottom right-hand corner of the record. You can tell if a record is saved or has unsaved changes to the right of the record name.
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  • The “open in a new window” button is back! While a similar feature was available in a previous version of Dynamics 365, it was missing from the most recent. Use it to pop a record open in a new window.
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  • One deprecation of note is that with this release, Microsoft is removing the tool tip feature, which allowed you to see the field description when you hover over a field. Microsoft has said they will release replacement functionality in the April 2022 update.

Have additional questions about or need help with 2021 Release Wave 2? Read the Microsoft documentation or reach out to your Altriva Solutions account manager.

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