4 Reasons to Take Advantage of Dynamics 365 Electronic Signature Integrations

Dynamics 365 Electronic Signature Integrations

If your team isn’t making use of an electronic signature solution within Dynamics 365 already, it should be.

Whether you’re making an offer to a candidate, closing a deal, or validating an important record, the demand for digital signature capabilities is only growing. E-signature technologies enable businesses to complete processes faster, with less revisions, and improves user experiences.


Digital signature tools like DocuSign and Adobe Acrobat Sign not only remove the inherent delays of paper-based processes, but also unlock additional benefits when integrated into your existing customer relationship management system.  Altriva has detailed experience assessing, implementing, and customizing both solutions and the out of the box integration they provide.  Here are four reasons we think anyone who uses one of these E-signature solutions and Dynamics 365 should set up the integration today.

1) Move Faster

There are few steps more critical in finalizing a contract than getting it signed. Beyond streamlining the process of requesting and receiving a signature, this integration allows your team to move faster. It eliminates or streamlines the switch between systems when producing a document and provides automatic notifications, so they know the moment a signature is submitted.

2) Easy Installation

The Dynamics 365 integration is readily available through Microsoft’s AppSource marketplace. If you already have the proper E-signature solution license, installation is a straightforward process and most technical users can implement in a few hours.

3) User Convenience

With the Dynamics 365 integration, sending a template document to a contact can be as simple as selecting the DocuSign button from the command bar. Alternatively, you can create workflows to automate the process or customizations to produce a custom document for signature.

4) Reduced Data Errors

With the Dynamics 365 integration, users can populate documents with data directly from Dynamics, reducing the time and effort required to prepare it and eliminating the chance of errors from manual entry.


On the customer side of things, you can also upload any information a client adds to your documents directly to Dynamics, keeping your records as up-to-date as possible.


Of course, if have a more complex process or need additional automation on top of the basic integration, you may need a specialist or consultant. We help many of our customers extend the value of the integration with capabilities such as pulling content for multiple tables or external data sources or triggering automated actions after a signature has been completed.

Need assistance implementing or customizing an e-signature integration with D365? Get in touch with Altriva Solutions consultant.

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